Cleveland Cavaliers Operating Company & Dan Gilbert
United States of America

Andrew Wiggins is a great prospect, was highly coveted & drafted #1 overall for a reason it'd be a serious mistake to trade him so early. Wiggins led a stocked offensive team in scoring at Kansas & learning under a player like LeBron would be the best for his career & the first huge step to him living up to his true potential. Wiggins is a two way player as everyone knows which is also a huge plus & he's only 19 years of age.

LeBron will be 36 when Wiggins will only be beginning to come into his Prime at that point it would be his time to step up on the team & be the great player he will be at that time. Kevin Love will be entering his 30s also around that time so the latter half of his NBA career why trade for him now when there is a way we can have them both.

Kevin Love becomes a free agent in 2015 also has already stated he wants to be a Cavalier building for the future and maintaining our depth would be a lot smarter than trading away key assets & a future super star to obtain a star immediately that we would be able to acquire anyway.

I strongly believe he better option is to keep Wiggins at all costs even if we don't acquire Kevin Love because he's in the best position to succeed on this current team.

We, the undersigned call on the Cleveland Cavaliers Operating Company & Dan Gilbert to keep #1 overall draft pick Andrew Wiggins as opposed to trading for Kevin Love.

We are in agreement that it would be a much better move for this team to do so.

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