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This ConDem government wants ordinary men and women to pay for a crisis in the financial system brought about by those at the very top of our society.

As UK corporations evade their taxes to the tune of £25bn every year, HMRC chooses to target those who can least afford it.

By slashing investment in education, health and public services, this government of millionaire ex-public schoolboys are condemning communities everywhere to years of poverty and unemployment.

Now is the time for those who head the labour movement to show real leadership - to defend and improve on the gains made by previous generations.

Some trade union leaders - and the head of the TUC - are urging acceptance of a deal that betrays the 30th November strike by 2.5 million public sector workers.

Francis Maude and the Coalition hatchet men are demanding that some trade unions accept in principle a deal to end the dispute. But not a penny of new money has been offered. Workers are still being expected to work longer, pay more and get less when they retire.

Conceding to the Tories will simply lead to more vicious assaults, and will open the floodgates for private sector employers to attack their workers' pay and conditions.

We, the undersigned, are trade unionists from across Wales, and we call on all the unions involved in the 30th November action to name another strike day as soon as possible,

Rank and file workers pushed their leaders to fight in the run up to N30. Now we demand an escalation of that action and a clear message from our leaders that there will be no sell-out.

The ConDem coalition is divided and vulnerable. Now is the time to step up the action against it. United we stand!

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