#Soho redevelopment
UK Government
United Kingdom


Sex workers are an integral part of Soho and have the support of many other residents and businesses in the area.

Sex workers make an important contribution to the local economy.

Evictions and closures the flats of sex workers would change the character of Soho, which attracts many people worldwide.

Many working girls and maids are mothers and grandmothers earning to support their families.

If women are evicted they will lose their livelihood and
may end up working on their own or on the street – both of which are much more dangerous.

The evictions are to make way for the Walkers Court and other development which most of Soho is opposed to.

We the undersigned demand:

• Stop the Walkers Court development.

• Stop the evictions & prosecutions of sex workers and maids.

• Stop the destruction of Soho.

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The Don’t Rip the Heart out of Soho petition to UK Government was written by English Collective of Prostitutes and Soho Working Girls and is in the category Miscellaneous at GoPetition.