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The management of Chartwells, the company who run the catering services in UCL, have told staff that up to half of them will have their contracts changed from 52 to 40 weeks’ pay per year.

This will include around half of the Refectory closing down across the summer months, adversely affecting those of us who study and work beyond October to May. Is this all that a university café and restaurant should provide to the students?

After forcing UCL to agree in September 2010 to give subcontracted staff the living wage, Chartwells is finally about to start paying the £7.85 per hour necessary to survive in London to the Refectory staff – but by June, long after staff will have had their contracts torn up and their working conditions attacked, and two months later than previously confirmed. This does not suffice.

What kind of Living Wage is this? An 8% rise on the headline wage rate on top of a 25% cut of annual pay. Will this help the families of workers on our own campus make ends meet?

We are appalled and outraged by the prospect of workers in our own university having their conditions attacked. This is not what a London Living Wage implementation should look like - giving with one hand while robbing three times as much with the other.

We are equally opposed to the idea of the Refectory shutting down half of its services in the summer months. We need to have access to fresh food on campus all year round, not just between October and May.

Chartwells must immediately cease its restructuring plans in the Refectory - financially unnecessary, entirely unfair, and contrary in every respect to the way a university café and restaurant should run.

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