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City of Newport News
United States of America

The Newport News City Farm served as a low security detention facility for the City of Newport News until its closure in June, 2015. The 58-acre site sits on a high bluff overlooking the James River and Deep Creek harbor, and abuts Riverview Farm Park. The property includes nearly one-half mile of scenic waterfront (a detached sliver of Riverview Farm Park currently has about 50 feet).

It provides an unspoiled view of the James River, free from bridges and high-tension power lines. The shoreline could be left in its natural state, preserving a habitat that traps sediment and runoffs; supports underwater grasses which remove excess nitrogen that fuels unwanted algae blooms; and provides food, shelter, and nursery areas for fish, shellfish, and invertebrates.

Options for disposition of the property will eventually be considered by the Newport News City Council. If the City Council opts to offer the property for sale, a precious waterfront resource will be lost to the public.

If you believe the City Farm property should be disposed as an augmentation to Riverview Farm Park instead of offering the property to commercial and/or private real estate development, you can make your desire known the City Council by signing the attached petition. When signing, please also clearly identify your city of residence.

We, the undersigned, petition the City of Newport News to retain public ownership of the City Farm with its magnificent view of and waterfront access to the James River and Deep Creek, as an augmentation to Riverview Farm Park as a recreational resource for Newport News residents, other Hampton Roads residents, and tourists.

This property should not be offered for sale to real estate developers.

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