Governor Rick Snyder, Michigan State Legislature, Mayor Karen Weaver
United States of America

Over 8,000 Flint families have been informed their homes face foreclosure for an unpaid water bill. Flint residents pay among the highest water rates, nationally. Despite the high cost of water, the residents of Flint were harmed when their tap water source was switched from Detroit water to untreated Flint River water when the city was under Emergency Management. The water caused many people to become sick from bacteria and the effects of lead poisoning. Many people had hair loss and rashes from bathing in the water. As a consumer issue, many stopped paying the bill for water they could not drink or bathe in. After the disaster was verified, the State of Michigan paid a water credit for some Flint residents for about a year. Now that the year is over, many families are struggling to pay for water. Many are still afraid to drink the water, and the water is not recommended for pregnant women or children or people with certain conditions. The money from the gun sale could help reduce the risk to families who have been harmed.

Over 8,000 Flint homes face foreclosure for unpaid water bills. We would like the proceeds of an upcoming Flint Police Department gun sale to benefit Flint residents who face foreclosure for unpaid water bills, and for our elected officials to seek remedies to help Flint residents pay for water while the crisis continues.

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