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Thames Tunnel
United Kingdom

Thames Water are proposing to use green land next to Deptford Church Street and in the heart of Deptford as a worksite for the Thames Tunnel project. After works are completed a Thames Tunnel kiosk and vents to the sewage pipes will remain on the green.

We are petitioning against this because the site is valuable green space in the heart of a densely populated urban area. It is in a residential area in close proximity to two schools, a leisure centre and the High Street. Works here will have a big impact on our community. The site is also next to a grade 1 listed church and a listed railway viaduct.

We do not dispute the importance of Thames Tunnel works but we do believe there are other, more appropriate, sites available which would not so negatively affect community, buildings of historical importance and biodiversity.

We the undersigned object to the proposed development of a Thames Tunnel worksite on green land next to Deptford Church Street with boundaries at Coffey Street and Crossfield Street. We object on the grounds that:

1: The proposed site is valuable green space for the urban community of Deptford.

2: The site is part of a conservation area in close proximity to two listed buildings- St Paul's church and Deptford's railway viaduct.

3: The proposed site is close to two schools, a leisure centre, Deptford High Street and residential dwellings. Use of this site for Thames Tunnel works would, therefore, have a large impact on the community of Deptford.

4: We are concerned about increased road congestion on and around Deptford Church Street which would negatively affect local businesses and residents in South East London.

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