Karen Moses, Managing Editor, Albuquerque Journal,
United States of America

Albuquerque is the live-theatre capital of the Southwestern United States, with more than 45 theatre organizations and performances nearly every weekend.

Yet the city's only daily newspaper, the Albuquerque Journal, recently confined nearly all of its arts coverage (theatre, dance, music, visual art, local film-making, and books) to a six-page section in the Sunday issue and limited its reviews of new theatre productions to two per month. At the same time, the Journal's 28-page "Weekly Entertainment Guide," published on Fridays, is now devoted primarily to national films, restaurants, clubs, casino entertainments, road-shows, and touring musicians.

Coverage of locally-produced arts is rapidly shrinking in a newspaper that purports to excel in its coverage of local activities.

We, the undersigned, call on the Albuquerque Journal to publish more reviews of live, local theatre productions and to carry more reviews and preview stories on those productions in the "Venue" magazine.

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