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Donald Trump has stated a plan to hijack the news cycle every time Biden has a public event, like the inauguration. Like all bullies, he plans to yell over any views that don’t promote him and increase division in the country.

Broadcast Networks gave Donal Trump an obscene amount of free publicity. He repaid those networks with ratings, and they covered him fully. Showing an empty podium for 30+ minutes before he appeared onstage made him the only important candidate. The networks continued this coverage after Trump won. Finally the Broadcast news quit covering his every word after he hijacked the coronavirus task force “briefings” to rant about how this was all a conspiracy.

Honestly, once that free coverage was minimized, the task force quit having briefings. Why? Because Donald Trump has no interest in providing any information that people need. But also because when the cameras are off, Trump runs out of steam. He will still hold rallies, for a while. Without coverage Trump will be in it only for the money he can raise, and take, from rally attendees. When his crowds diminish, and they will, he will be relevant only on OAN and NEWSMAX , and maybe FOX if they haven’t learned anything about what Trump expects them to be willing to say.

With the economy opening up, and people going back to jobs, there will not be crowds that can take off work to go to a rally. Contributions will drop, and even the true believers will not give Trump enough money to sustain his phony 2024 campaign.

Please sign this petition to tell broadcast networks not to give Trump unlimited free coverage after he leaves the White House. Trump is openly planning to stage counter programming to make sure President Biden does not get the coverage a normal President should. Encourage NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, CNN, FOX, and any other nationally broadcast networks to not send reporters, or cover any Trump event live. Send a camera so you can report lies, but there’s no reason to give him a national platform to spew hate and lies.

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