#Human Rights
Classic Japan Ltd. President, Mr. Yoshihiko Nishio

Last month, Israel exporter company Agrexco has gone bankrupt because of the world wide BDS campaign against the company's long and deep involvement with the illegal settlements in the Occupied Palestine.

But now a Japanese company are going to buy the fallen Agrexco with two other Israeli company for 40 million NIS, to make the Apartheid business survive.

We ask you urgently to sign the petition below to put pressure on the company to divest from the Apartheid business.

And you can also send protest messages directly to the company:
Email: import@classicjapan.co.jp

We have shocked to hear a news that your company expressed to buy an Israeli exporter the Agrexco, which went bankrupt recently, for 40 million NIS (10 million USD or more) with other Israeli companies in order to rebuild it.

The Agrexco had dealt with 60-70% of export of the agricultural products grown at the Israeli settlements which are being illegally built in the occupied Palestinian territories. One of the important reasons why the company went bankrupt was the effect of the boycott campaign which has extensively tackled in Europe in protest against the Israeli settlement business. Last month, an Irish company which had similarly expressed its will to purchase the Agrexco decided to cancel the plan owing to many citizens protest.

Israeli settlements have been built on the stolen Palestinian lands and are materializing farm management by stealing Palestinian water resources. In the plantation of settlements, the Palestinians deprived of their livelihood are being exploited in various forms, such as child labor and cheap labour. Anyone who gets interested in this issue knows well that building settlements in the occupied territories violates international law, and also it has been a serious obstacle over "Middle East Peace".

Your company should recognize that it will directly promote human rights abuses and apartheid crime against Palestinians through purchase of the Agrexco. For companies which states philanthropy, it is ethically impossible to make profits from the settlement business which violates international law.

On the above recognition, we would like to strongly demand the following two points:

- not to acquire the stock of the Agrexco.
- not to import flowers produced in the Israeli settlements.

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