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AT&T has set up special phone stations near all major deployments in the Mid-East. Phone access for our troops is easy, but calls home remain expensive. So you can pay AT&T $18 to give a phone card to a soldier to call home at 22.5 cents/minute, or 57 cents/minute from their mobile. However, mobile phone use is very dangerous, as the enemy can trace the mobile phone signal in a matter of seconds.

So what it seems is that AT&T is taking something that costs them about 30 cents to provide, and telling you to pay them $18 to give it to a solider. Why not allow people with rollover minutes to donate a certain limit of minutes every month to the deployed troops to call home? This would allow for AT&T to give minutes to the troops that they would have the potential of losing anyways by customer use and it would, in essence, be on the consumer's dime to make the donation according to their phone plan.

I am more than happy to donate my rollover minutes so that the brave men and women protecting our nation can talk to their families more frequently or for a longer period of time.

We, the undersigned, call on AT&T to allow their customers to donate a set limit each month for the troops to use while deployed and away from their families. Each AT&T customer would be allowed to donate a maximum of 100 rollover minutes per month.

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