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My sister’s story is a special case. Don Mills murdered Kristy Harris on the morning of October 13th 1994. He did so in front of his 4 year old daughter. I watched my parents grow old overnight for what this man has done to them. This case was aired on a show called Captured on the oxygen channel. Don Mills after killing Kristy walked around and tormented the family of Kristy Harris. He had a sick obsession with his daughter. Don even before telling Kristy's Mother Patty that her daughter was dead, went and filed for emergency custody of their 4 year old daughter. When this man was convicted of Murder he showed no remorse for what he had done. Please protect Kristy’s family and her daughter for never having to endure this man’s torture or cruelty again.


We the undersigned ask and pray that the Ohio Parole Board to parole block Donald Ray Mills Jr inmate number A337460 due for parole sometime in 2016.

This man viciously murdered his fiance my sister in front of his 4 year old daughter. Upon his conviction he showed no remorse to her family or friends. The torture he has put Kristy Harris's family through is unmentionable. His selfish acts the morning of October 13th 1994 left a child without a mother and father. This man is a monster, who even got to walk around free for two more years tormenting the family while Patty (Kristy’s Mother) struggled to get custody of her granddaughter and prove Don Mills killed her daughter. Kristy will never get her life back however the family has maintained faith in the judicial system will continue to make the right decision and keep this Cold Remorseless Murderer incarcerated.

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