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Back in March on the 1st of last year during the major ice storm in Moore, OK this little guy showed up at our home. My husb...and an I have 5 young children that love animals because we taught them to show compassion. We invited him in, and tried very hard to find his owner.

We took him up to check for a microchip but after everything we never found out where he came from. So we gave him a bath and got him groomed. My son told me God sent him to us and God spelt backwards is Dog. Well you can't fight with that so we found a name that he liked and would listen to and that is how Bentley became part of our family. We made sure he got his shots and that he was healthy and happy at our home.

On July 23rd my children were playing out front with Bentley when the neighbors a few homes down started being loud and yelling things. The children got scared and Bentley must have felt it cause he stood in front of them to protect them. He left the yard and trotted up to the neighbor and the boy threw a water bottle at him. By this time we had all ran down to get Bentley.

Yes he barked but that was it. They called the city to report a "dog attack". When the man from animal control got to our home we were informed that there is a leash law in Moore and that we would be getting a ticket. I went down to talk with the women and she said and I quote "I will do what ever it takes to get your dog out of my city. I will have him put down".

We have had no problems till yesterday December 12, 2014 at 4pm. We had just gotten home from an Art class I teach in the community. We were in the front room with my friend and her children. When a loud knock came on the door. My oldest son Alex opened the door and a man said "so your dog has been out" My 8 year old (who is in the autism spectrum and very literal) said yes I just brought him in a bit ago. Now my son was talking about the backyard. The man went on to say that the lady down the street reported that Bentley ran over to her as she was pulling into her driveway and tried to bite her when she opened her car door. I said "what our dog?" Then I called for Bentley he came slowly walking out of my son's room stretching from a nap. I told the man he must be mistaken.

He said that the lady gave a description of Bentley. I laughed, sure she can she lives on our street and has seen us walk him many times. He said that she was filling a vicious dog report and was pressing charges. I couldn't believe it. I asked the officer from animal control, are you sure your talking about the right dog as you can see he was sleeping and is in a home with 9 children right now including an 8month old baby. Does he look dangerous to you? He said he had to follow protocol and would have to take Bentley now.

Bentley has now been in dog jail since yesterday. He is scared and lonely for his family. We are asking your help, please help us to get our dog home safe. We are being charged for two tickets and have to pay the city. We also have to pay room and board for his time in doggie jail, and court costs. Depending on the outcome of court we will have to either modify our home and yard or rehome him out of the city. My family lives in Michigan and is willing to make the drive to save Bentley but will need the money for driving and expenses.

Any help you can give will be met with much appreciation! Anyone who has had the pleasure of meeting Bentley please post your support here!

Free Bentley from the Moore Animal Shelter. He was locked up in doggie jail on someones word, not on proof or evidence of wrong actions.

Please don't allow people to have a dog removed from someones home without proof and only on a person's word. Animals are not able to speak for themselves, we need to be their voice and protect them from false claims.

Animals removed from their families homes and locked up in a shelter harm to the animal. "overcrowded animal shelters in the United States often don’t have the time or resources to provide dogs with much time, if any at all, outside of their kennels -- leading to mental suffering".


"Even the sweetest dogs will turn in this environment".

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