#Dog Park
Citizens of South Pasadena, California
United States of America

There are many dog owners in this town and most of the dogs would like to play
with other dogs. There is no close place to South Pas. were we can have our dogs
run free with out getting in the way, of children and runners.

There are currently 1,123 active dog licenses in South Pasadena. There are some open spaces of land that the city owns that could be turned into a dog park. These include, a strip of land in the Arroyo Seco, on the other side of the wash, Raymond Hill which is partially owned by South Pas. and Pasadena, there is open land behind the OSH center, and there is land behind the driving range of the golf course.

We the people of South Pasadena, California, support the creation of a dog park in
are community.

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