#Animal Rights
end dog fighting

Dogs involved in dog fights are often severely injured--or killed--during the fight. These fights may last for hours until one of the animals quits or dies. Furthermore, these animals do not receive veterinary attention. Losers that do not die may be tortured, starved to death, or killed outright by their owners.

Other animals, such as owned pets or strays may be stolen and used as "bait" to train fighting dogs, often suffering before they die

Exposure to dog fighting can have a direct effect on our children. They can be bitten or attacked by dogs used in fighting. They can be hurt or abused by other people at dog fights. They are also exposed to gangs, weapons, drugs, and gambling because those who fight animals are prone to participate in other illegal activities.

But beyond these immediate dangers, violence that is condoned and encouraged, such as in these fights, can effect children (as well as adults) by promoting a desensitization to the suffering others. They show that an acceptance of violence is a "norm."

A survey of Chicago's school children has found that students are almost universally aware of dogs fighting in their neighborhood, with 1 out of every 6 children admitting that they have attended a dog fight.

This is a petition that everyone should sign, it would make the world better for everyone.

You should sign it because it will help put a stop to dog fighting. It will also make sentences for people who tend and or organize dog fights.

So please sign this petition as it is for a good cause
and will hopefully stop dog fights once and for all.

It would also help to show that pit bulls and other breeds of dogs that are involved in fights are not actually violent, but it is the people who train them that make them violent.

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