#Law Reform
Charlotte-Mecklenburg County , North Carolina Citizens
United States of America

Dog Bite laws in the United States are in need of reform.

Current dog bite laws in the United States are generally guided by individual States Laws. There are two positions states generally follow regarding statutes. One position is regarded as a; Statutory Strict Liability State, the other position states follow in statutory law is as a "One-Bite" Liability State.

States which adhere to the "One-Bite" statutory law are woefully inadequate and out dated to address present concerns of both urban and rural citizens. Dangerous dogs are being kept by owners in private homes and on private land, especially in densely populated urban areas, with little or no regard for the safety of their fellow neighbors and residents of their communities.

When the general public is exposed to these dogs, even through accident or negligence on the part of the dog owners or keepers, catastrophic personal medical injuries can occur.

Current statistics on Dog Bite medical injuries are showing a dramatic increase in frequency, due in part to increases in urban population densities.

"One-Bite" state dog statutes are absurdly outdated and due for dramatic reform immediately!!

We, the undersigned,

Call for an immediate reform to North Carolina state law statute #67-12, and /or local ordinances available to the Chief of Police, county Sheriff, and other law enforcement agencies, to include Animal Control Agencies, which will address the critical state of emergency citizens feel, regarding their personal protection and legal recourse for injuries, they have received from dangerous or potentially dangerous dogs, who have exhibited a propensity to bite humans.

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