#Civil Rights
United States House of Representetives and the US Senate.
United States of America

Be it Known; We, the citizens of the United States of America, are incensed that, a Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, would openly state while in a foreign land, that the US Constitution is not a document a new republic should follow, and pointing out other Constitutional examples she finds more appealing, that are the antithesis of the US Constitutional premise, clearly shows her absolute antipathy for the US Constitution.

Whereas; A Supreme Court Justice is given the esteemed and profound responsibility to safeguard the US Constitution.

Whereas; Openly stating that the US Constitution is not a good framework to follow, while citing examples that are the opposite of the US Constitution in concept and premise, shows total disdain for the US founding framework, societal myth and documentation.

Whereas; The Constitutional protections we as United States Citizens are endowed with by Our Creator, and enumerated in the US Constitution, are put it mortal danger, when a person tasked with the protection of Our Constitution holds It with such open condescension.

Be it resolved; That Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, be strongly induced to resign from her important position immediately. So that a person who holds Our founding documents in high esteem can replace her. Removing this dire threat to Our Constitutional Liberties.

To Whit; A resolution be brought before both Houses of Congress expressing the united condemnation by these two august bodies, of her attitude and the real and present danger it poses, to Our Republic and Our liberty.

Furthermore; That Our elected lawmakers be more diligent in their duties, to keep people away from such essential safeguards, who don’t hold the US Constitution’s charter of negative liberties as the best means devised, to protect the people from the perniciously creeping power of the Elite.

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