Gumi and the Brave Frontier Community

Let's face it; the vortex arena events have not been fun to play through at all. Especially when considering that the unit that is the main prize and goal of these events is too specialized to be usable for day-to-day play. Add on top of that connection/server issues and the whole experience becomes worse than a chore; it's like walking on coals. Also, when the connection issues start, the entire game suffers so that even summoners that don't want to participate in the event have trouble accessing other areas of the game.

But even without connection issues Arena-style Vortex events just aren't fun. Dungeon-style events with unique enemies, capturable units, items and/or craftable spheres are much more interesting, fun, and challenging in a stimulating way. Dungeons like Winter Glades Blitz, Keymaster's Eclipse, etc. are much more immersive, engaging and entertaining.

While the Vortex Erena Events do present a certain type of challenge to players, it just isn't the kind of challenge that is entertaining; they require very minimal strategy and/or technique, are too much of a crap-shoot, and the rewards are not very rewarding for the time and effort required to win them.

Let's find another way to play that actually feels like playing!

We ask that Gumi will consider refraining from releasing any more Arena-style Vortex Events.

Any units to be released through Arena Vortex Events could be released through Dungeon-style Events instead, or delayed completely until Gumi's global server issues are COMPLETELY resolved.

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