#Media Issues
Anti-Anime organizations, concered parents

a) There is no evidence that anime causes people to be violent;

b) If anything I find that anime fans don't seem to be more violent (how many kids honestly have you heard that like anime have just gone and punched someone - it's more likely the people have bad family issues);

c) It's a cartoon people;

d) Even the constitution says "freedom of speech";

e) If people did act violent because of a show, video game ect they would have to be unstable;

f) If you did manage to tear anime away all you would get is complaints about it being taken away, and providing anime is a source of economy;

g) I'm 15 and can find that the world is already on a spiral downwards and believe me it's not because of anime.

Please do not take away anime or change the original script(except for the case of shortage of mouth flaps) and things such as blood or someone killing someone else just because you think a cartoon from a different country that many MANY people enjoy promotes violence.

There is no solid evidence that anime is harmful... and even if it did the person would already have to be severely emotionally unstable.

The problem with violent kids these days are the PARENTS.

Do Not Take Away Original Anime.

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