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After the Tunisian revolution of January 2011, dictator Ben Ali was overthrown, and Tunisian people elected the National Constituant Assembly with the mission of writing a constitution that guarantied that never again a person or a group will be able to impose its dictatorship.

Islamic party Ennahdha presenting itself as moderate and liberal, won the elections. Now, Ennahdha (with allies) is the dominant party in NCA.

- The legal mandate of NCA expired on october 23, 2012
- In NCA, Ennahdha is trying to undo progressive laws and impose fondamentalist ideas.
- Mosques are used by fondamentalist preachers to manipulate people and divide Tunisians into ''good''muslims and ''bad'' muslims .
- The government is promoting violence: thousands of prisoners were freed, weapons are circulating freely all over the country, opposition leaders killed...
- Freedom of speech is targeted by the prosecution of number of journalists and artists.

Since the assassination of opposition deputy M.
Brahmi, tens of thousands of people are occupying the streets everyday, along with 30% of the deputies who withdrew from the NCA, demanding:
- The dissolution of the NCA,
- The end of this government
- the creation of a National Salvation Government.

We, American citizens from a Tunisian background, citizens of Tunisia, and people from all over the world who believe in the values of freedom, democracy and human rights, would like the American government and the American people to know that Ennahdha is a fundamentalist, extremist and violent party with a history of terroristic actions, which intention is to take the country back to the old ages.

Please do not support Ennahdha in any way so that the people of Tunisia can be free again.

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