#Civil Rights
Lunenburg County Board of Supervisors
United States of America

Please Do not remove the Confederate Soldier Monument on LBC Courthouse grounds. Our history should be preserved to learn from . These men( white and black) fought for this country and this county . Many laid down their lives. They fought for freedom to choose, not sure why that was so wrong. We cant erase or change history. Its called history bc its just that, something that has already happened. We can change the future by teaching this new generation( our kids) that color doesnt matter, that we are all american people. Despite our skin color. Children dont see color they see other children, we teach them about color, we just need to teach about people. All lives matter even those who fought for the freedom. Please keep our history intact Stand up for history preservation❤️

We, the undersigned are requesting an order for the Confederate Soldier monument to remain where it stands on LBC courthouse grounds. We, the undersign are asking to preserve history of our county.

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