#Neighborhood Living
Home Owners of Waterford Place
United States of America

As you may already know, the HOA board members are trying to raise our monthly dues by $55 a month. This is a yearly increase of $660. We are already paying almost $200 a month.

For some of the owners, they bought at the peak of the real estate market and have expensive mortgages that exceed the actual value of their home. Some people who have been living here for almost 30 years don't have a mortgage and can afford to pay $255 extra a month.

The economy is in a recession right now and everyone is having to cut their budget, can't Waterford Place cut theirs? Also stated in the "2010 budget" is a $49,928.96 charge for "capital improvements".

What improvements does that consist of? Are these necessary?

By signing this petition: I agree that I am a Home Owner in Waterford Place Condominiums in Hoover, Alabama and I pay Home Owners Association Dues.

This Petition is a reflection of the People that pay Dues to Waterford Place HOA. We the people believe that the budgeted increase of $55 monthly is very high and we do not want the dues to increase.

We the people respectfully submit our signatures as we agree that the increase in HOA Dues are excessive and we Petition against them in request that the fees are not increased for the year 2010.

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