Zanyar Moradi: “In the early stages of interrogation, they asked about my father. I told them that my father has nothing to do with me. They told me, ‘You and your father are the same to us.’ The questions about my father occurred on the first day of interrogation. I was tied to a bed and lashed while vulgar language was used to insult me. After I lost consciousness, they returned me to my cell. When I did not accept to confess to the murder, they intensified their torture. They threatened me with sexual torture. They brought a bottle and said, ‘You either admit to the murder or you will have to sit on this bottle. You either confess or this is your other choice.' I accepted because I was unable to withstand the tortures anymore. My testicles were bleeding and in pain. I could not bear the brutal tortures anymore. They did not even allow a doctor to see me."

Zanyar & Loghman Moradi are Kurdish citizens of Iran who were arrested, imprisoned, accused of committing an assassination they've denied any involvement in, and sentenced to death. We urge the international community to speak out against this injustice.

لقمان و زانیار مرادی دو شهروند کرد ایرانی که توسط حکومت ایران دستگیر شده اند و بدون هر گونه دخالت در ارتکاب قتل به اعدام محکوم شده اند. ما امضاء کنندگان این پتیشن از جامعه بین المللی درخواست داریم که برای جلوگیری از این بی عدالتی اقداماتی به عمل آورند.

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