Oswego City School Board
United States of America

The Oswego City School Board is proposing to close Minetto Elementary and add an addition on the Oswego Middle School.

The information given to the public is vague and the facts don't support having to close an elementary building or that the configuration of a 5-8 grade building would be adventageous to the students or the taxpayers.

The enrollment of this district has declined by approximately 100 students per year, but with the committee's findings, there will be 180 pre-kindergarten students entering the schools which will offset the decline by approximately two years.

With the prospect of another nuclear facility and other energy manufacturers coming into our area, it is not beneficial to make the above changes in our district at this time.

We, the people and taxpayers of the Oswego City School District, call on the Oswego City School Board to vote no on the proposal of closing an elementary building and adding an addition onto the Oswego Middle School for the purpose of moving all district 5th and 6th graders to that building.

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