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I would like for all people to just stop and think. Especially those living in the great state of West Virginia. You are in West Virginia, rather than in Virginia because of the Civil War. And for the African American people, West Virginia has proved to be more civil in treatment than where those would be, or have been, in the state of Virginia. Is this what you want to change? Of all of the African-American people who attended Stonewall Jackson for decades, are you trying to change their days of their high school memories?

It is with great regret that someone would even suggest changing such a wonderful school where so many african-Americans met, became friends, dated and some even married. And their children, some of them have the same types of good memories at the same school. Changing the name is like changing the name of an apple to a banana. It is still the same school no matter what the name. Same memories, good or bad. But I would almost be willing to bet, (though I am not a betting person ), most of you remember the good times.

My Father attended this school and then went on to fight for our freedom and our rights in WWII as well as my Uncle. Did they fight in vain or did they die not knowing all of these unnecessary changes may be made? Did the woman requesting this change fight for all American's rights? To me, it is a sad day to not honor those who did fight for All races.

We the undersigned of the USA Do NOT want the name changed for Stonewall Jackson school in Charleston, WV.

It holds many good memories for our families, friends and ancestors.

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