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Disturbed has booked many tour dates across the world and Canada. One of the dates is scheduled for Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada on December 6, 2008 at the Burton Cummings theater.

Unfortunately that show is completely sold out as per Ticketmaster Canada and Facebook members. There are many hard core fans that are without tickets to this hot act.

My goal is to try and convince Warner Bros/Reprise Records to book Disturbed for a 2nd date in Winnipeg seems how Disturbed does have 1 day off after the Winnipeg stop, I was hoping to get them to schedule a 2nd tour date around that time.

Also the Burton Cummings Theater has nobody else performing there on December 7th.

I am starting a petition to try and get Warner Bros/Reprise Records to book Disturbed for either a 2nd show in Winnipeg, Manitoba at The Burton Cummings Theater.

I have noticed on Facebook that there are still quite a few people that would love to see Disturbed live, but its all sold out.

Please sign if you are a hardcore Disturbed fan that did not score tickets to the December 6, 2008 show.


So we need at least 1'646 signatures for Disturbed to have a 2nd Show.

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