Governor-General of Australia

The result of the Australian Federal election of 2010 was an absolute farce and a major insult to Democracy. A country that is proud of its ability to enforce a Government that is fair to all, has suffered for probably the first time in these circumstances.
The election determined that no political party was able to form a majority government. This meant that any independents were able to control who would take up office and form the Government. However, the four independents that was in this position decided to milk it all for what it is worth; big noting themselves in order to improve their careers and bank balance. (One example that should be noted is MP Tony Windsor, who was offered by Labor to take up the position of speaker in the House of Representatives, reflected in his decision to back Labor).

Another example that brings this to bear is the admission by two particular independents that if an election were to be re-held, the Coalition would almost assuredly win. This proves that those independent MP’s know that the census of the citizens of Australia WANT the Coalition to be in power as opposed to Labor. And by the independents backing Labor, is evidence of their inability to represent the people of this country, and also evidence of their personal agendas.

This petition will be a show of support that the Australian Democratic System needs to be overhauled to prevent this from happening again in future elections. But it also is a show of support for a re-election of Federal Government to take place to determine the party that the citizens of Australia want in power.

The Australian Federal Government system is flawed, evident in the new Government formation, but more importantly the way in which this Government come to power. Though a flawed democracy system, a government was elected through the personal agendas of four independent people. This should not occur in an election system.

This petition will work towards an indication of the amount of people that are dissatisfied not only with the new Government but the way in which the electoral system operates.

The aim is to generate enough support so as to send a clear message to the Government and those associated, that another election is an absolute necessity, and should occur as soon as possible.

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