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EL AL Director Gonen Usishkin
United States of America

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If you have witnessed disrespectful or condescending conduct by EL AL staff towards religious Jews sign this petition that will be sent with 10,000 signatures to EL AL's director. Let your voice be heard and be מקיים the mitzva of הוכח תוכיח את עמיתך. This problem is clearly deeper than a few isolated incidents and we are here to prove that with this petition.
[This petition was created by a group of frequent flying New Yorkers and Israelis; it was prompted by the recent crisis but it is not connected with the details of any particular incident; it is also not an accusation against all EL AL staff.]

To EL AL Director, Gonen Usishkin:
In light of recent events, I would like to inform the EL AL directors that I too have witnessed disrespectful conduct by EL AL staff towards religious Jews.

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