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The ordinance states all establishments, which allow for the consumption of beer, ale, porter, wine and/or alcoholic liquors, will be prohibited from operating and selling alcohol between 2 and 6 a.m.. Establishments include private or nonprofit clubs, room service operations in hotels, bars, restaurants and night clubs.

What does this mean for those establishment owners and their patrons?

First thing we should look at are the losses. Those establishments who serve alcohol will lose business to other businesses in nearby counties that offer after hour alcohol services. This will cause more competition between after hour bars / clubs to compete with the bars downtown due to the hours of operation. The lack of sales will cause job losses and could lead to businesses being shutdown.

Second thing we should look at is who does the ordinance mostly effect? Besides the business owners , it effects the people who work second shift, as well as people who are in the service industry. It is not fair due to someone's work schedule, that they are not allowed to buy a drink at an hour that is more suitable with their schedule. Do they not pay taxes like everyone else?

Third thing we should look at is safety. By shutting everything down at two, we are not allowing our patrons enough time to sober up and make it home safe. We are also looking at the harm caused by illegal liquor houses and house parties. Since the liquor houses are illegal, there are no rules and regulations. This will also cause the loss of sales to other bars and clubs. And if the problem is safety, the sheriff's department should moonlight our venues. Having local authorities at venues gives people a sense of more protection, as well as fear from doing something that is senseless or caused by a chain reaction of events.

It is important to look at all aspects of this ordinance. This effects not only the local bars and clubs, but also the private, non-profit bars, as well as restaurants and room service operations in hotels. For people's safety, instead of just thinking of what the county can take away to prevent violence and crime at those hours, the county could look at what they could add to fix the problem without effecting those establishments loss of income due to the loss in business.

We the undersigned call on County Council to amend/ eliminate this new 2 am ordinance which restricts hours of operation for establishments that allow on-premise consumption of alcohol.

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