#Human Rights
Benedict XVI

Denying concrete progress made by all the humanitarian organizations during these last years, Pope Benedict XVI declared on March 17th 2009 during his visit to Africa: “Condoms are not the answer to the fight against HIV and AIDS and can make the problem worse”.

By virtue of his position as high moral authority and the audience this gives him, the Pope directly jeopardizes the inalienable right to “life, liberty and security of person” provided by article 3 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

By virtue of his position, Benedict XVI speaks in the name of all the Catholics and by extension in the name of those who despite being non-practising Catholics were raised according to Christian principles. It is the same when he “forgives” negationist bishops while supporting the excommunication of the mother and the doctors of a nine-year-old Brazilian girl who aborted twins conceived after sexual abuses by her stepfather and whose life was directly threatened by her pregnancy. This while still considering the stepfather as being part of the congregation.

In order to testify to:

- The memory of the 6 million people who died during the Shoah.

- The concern for the 33 million people contaminated by the AIDS virus registered in 2007 (Report on the global AIDS Epidemic, ONUSIDA, 2008)

- The support for the young girl, her mother and her doctors who are the victims of the intolerance of the Church.

And in order that my silence till then should not be interpreted as a support anymore, I declare today my complete disagreement with the Pope’s position and commit myself to demanding officially for my own excommunication from the Catholic Church.

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