Having been playing this game since beta, and having been a tester for nearly as long, I must admit that I have never been as frustrated with this game as I am right now.

Last year we were promised that we could expand our friends lists. What we got was the funky XD system, that never truly worked fully. It allowed us to, at least, see when our friends were on, even if we couldn't chat with them (except whisper). Still, it was an improvement since we were friends with the player (and not each of their individual toons) which gave us some room on our friends lists.

Now, the current update of the game has taken even this limited benefit away. Now when I log on, I have no way of meeting any of my most recent friends. Toontown is all about friends helping each other. If I wanted to kill stuff by myself I'd be playing POTCO or WOW.

Next, lets talk about allowing the horrible bugs that plague the boss battles to be sent to open. I know that testers complained about the horrible performance of the CFO and the CEO. Why did these annoyances, that totally take the joy out of the battles, ever get to the open servers?

It is not fun to get disconnected in the CFO. It is not fun to randomly lose laff points in the CEO because you didn't log off after running the CJ battle. It is even less fun to lose one's hard-earned level seven gags because of a horrible bug that allows the CEO to hit you before he even yells, "Fore," giving you no chance to avoid it. Between the instant gear hits for 30-45 points, and six or seven out-of-the-blue -15's even the most experienced toon doesn't stand much of a chance.

And... to add insult to injury, when my toon does a CFO battle to try and earn some Toon-Up Unite Phrases to use in the CEO battles, I am usually rewarded with jellybeans! Grrrrr!

Even earning the tremendous amounts of stock options required has lost its luster. It is not fun to get stuck in the box at the start of a golf course in Boss HQ. It is not fun to spend well over an hour doing a Back Nine, only to be disconnected on the last floor. Speaking of Back Nine, it is also not fun to be presented with an unsolvable maze (which seem happen about 10% of the time.)

Speaking of no fun, I have never maxed fishing on any of my toons, even the one I have been playing (and fishing regularly) for five years. The same goes for racing where when random players see I am winning, so they alt out. Same goes for golf. Maybe I'm just not competitive enough or willing to have two accounts.

And don't get me started on the randomness of the name approval system, where I see violations of the rules constantly in play, yet when I submit harmless cute names they are disapproved.

I tolerate most of these annoyances because of the fun and the friendship I have here. I play this game for fun and recreation. I play because this is where my friends are and I value the friends I have made here. Take away the fun and the friends and what is left?


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By TTC ,TT players

1. Goofyspeedway - extremely not creative. Boring. Off line design that dosen't match any playground rules that we know.

2.Gardening, it was just combinations, no discovery fun and requesting fun like fishing and doing toontasks. Very limited ideas which makes players to feel that they are inside a computer, not in real, free universe.

3.Acorn Acres, dosen't match any playground rules, boring, picnic tables are meaningless, pathetic design.

4.BBHQ, cog golf courses, ridiculous, repeating and repeating all the time, boring, dull, sleepy, very not delicate and detailed design which I think must redesign.

5. Not caring and thinking at the position of players, which finally ruined the whole game. and not develop bigger and better games. The ones whole have gone to 100 laff will feel that the game is always the same.

6. Not listening to players, which is the worst one.

7.Many Bugs from Test have been bring to Open which the bug is NOT fixed

8.No more fun!!!!!

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