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World War II is known for being one of histories most brutal, horrifying and destructive wars of the 20th century. It shaped the fate of the world and history as we know it. It disgusts me that you are rewriting history to prevent certain individuals from being offended about something that truly happened. Not only are you censoring key aspects of history (i.e The Nazi swastika) but even delivering false information such as women serving on the frontline, in regiments that refused to allow women to serve as infantry units (I am awhere of the Russian army and the French Resistance allowing women to serve). The historical inaccuracy you portray in this game shows how thoughtless and disrespectful you all are to those who all fought and died for our freedom.

If you are infuriated by the developers choices and their negligence towards the fallen, please support and back the banning of Call of Duty WWII in the United Kingdom. I'm not to sure about how other nations feel about this game, but I know as a man who is proud of his country and those who fought hard for all of us.

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