Due to the harrassment being received by the "teamers" in the game Fortune Bingo at Pogo, we (the signers) ask Pogo to disallow "teaming". Some of the harrassment received involves, but is not limited to: cursing, name-calling, false reporting and adding non-teamers to friends list in order to follow them around and further harrass them.

Bingo is, by all rights, a one person game and should not be dominated by those wishing to obtain the offered badge faster than regular players.

Thank you.

Please sign this petition if you would like to ask Pogo to DISALLOW teaming at the game site. We all pay for memberships and should have a say in how we are able to play. We should not be bullied into playing a game based on certain other members' rules. (PLEASE PUT YOUR POGO USER I.D. IN PARENTHESIS AFTER YOUR LAST NAME.)

The Disallow "teaming" in Fortune Bingo at Pogo petition to Pogo was written by Jolene Reed-Meeks and is in the category Miscellaneous at GoPetition.