#Human Rights
Newcastle Mall
South Africa

On the 16th November 2013 I was asked to leave the Newcastle Mall by security who at one stage were ready to use force. The reason, I was approaching people who were illegally using the parking bays marked for disabled people and asking them peacefully as to why they would use the parking when they did not have a legal disk displayed and no apparent disability.

It is an ongoing problem and I have approached many people doing this before. This petition is for Newcastle Mall to look into the situation and enforce a stricter policy on their parking bays for disabled people.

Sign This Petition To Stop Disabled Parking Bays Being Abused at Newcastle Mall.

Fed up with disabled parking bays being abused by the non-disabled? Now YOU can make a difference!

I have started this e-petition to request that Newcastle Mall implement a wheel clamping system along with a R200 fine to non-disabled and those without a Disabled Disk displayed in their vehicle as an attempt to put a stop to disabled parking bays being constantly used by the non-disabled.

Their actions prevent disabled people from parking designated to them and prevents wheelchair users from fully opening the car door to enable them to get out when these inconsiderate people force us to park in smaller non-disabled bays.

I also request that all proceeds from fines are to be given to a local NGO dealing with disabilities to be used for assisting persons with disabilities, be it wheelchairs, or walking aids.

Please sign the petition. If we get enough signatures this will force Newcastle Mall to address this issue, so the ball is in your court.

Please sign the petition and forward this link on to all your friends and family members so that they can all sign it to and help make a difference and finally put an end to the misery of this long-standing problem faced by all disabled people.

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