#Human Rights
congressman region 9

To make all law- makers aware of people who are suffering from an "Invisible Illness" which disables them and causes them to not be able to hold a job.

By "Invisible Illness" I mean: fibromyalgia, major depression, chronic fatigue and pain, COPD. MS or other illness which has no outward signs.

Our disability system is currently set up that it results in one person is getting approved for disability on initial application, while another has to hire a lawyer and fight for several years before being approved.

I personally suffer from several invisible illnesses which caused me to withdraw from a Masters degree program because mentally I could not complete research papers or projects required for class. I must add I was an A student before this illness struck.

I personally had to cash in my 401k to get my family through until I get approved for disability.

Some of these people have lost their homes, families, jobs and cannot even get disability. What do we as human beings expect these people to do. I know their is FMLA to help people keep jobs despite being able to work everyday, but that does not pay the bills.

PLEASE, PLEASE, look into this ever growing epidemic.


Jenny Green

P.S. I have fibromyalgia, major depression with bi-polar, chronic fatigue and pain, COPD, painful degenerative disc disease along with several other issues.

We who suffer from "Invisible Illnesses" don't understand why some people are approved for disability upon initial application (deservingly so) while others have to hire an attorney and fight for several years before being approved.

"Invisible Illness" refers to an illness that has no outward appearances, but disables a person none the less.

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