City of Gholson
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The City of Gholson is taxing the citizens within the city limits for road maintenance. The county stopped road maintenance when the city incorporated. The city now pays the county to maintain the roads. You as citizens of the City of Gholson are now paying a double tax for the roads.

There are a few land owners who were not added to the request to incorporate but still are required to use the city roads to access their property. This is not fair to the other land owners who were not given the option to be removed. There are others who live on state maintained Highways like 933 and 1858 (wildcat circle) who pay city tax and do not receive any direct benefit from being in the city. There is even a city councilman who owns land that should be included in the city but is not.

1. You do not have to be a land owner to sign
2. You do not currently have to live in the City you just have to be from the corporate city limits.
3. You have to be eligible to vote.

The city council said their goal was never to provide services to the city but only to maintain "their way of life.' They claimed Waco could annex without consent. Home Rule cities can annex without consent but first must provide services such as water or septic. Otherwise they do not have the authority to annex without consent.

The real reason that Gholson incorporated was because there were restrictions on developers and the way to get around this was to incorporate the land they wanted to develop.

Please sign the petition to allow people to remove land from the corporate boundaries of the City of Gholson.

This is not a petition asking to provide services, it is solely to remove land owners who feel they are not benefiting from being in the corporate city limits. 50 signatures is required to force the council to vote. The majority of signatures has already been reached. This signature does not remove your land from the city. A list of legal descriptions is being submitted separate for the vote. If you want to be added to that list please contact Daniel Ballew.

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