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Diane Abbot was the first black woman to be elected to the house of commons in 1987, and remained the only one for 10 years. She is known as a free-spirit with high morals and not one to 'tow the party line', with both a honest, professional and frank personality, whilst still retaining a sense of humour. Furthermore, she also has the ability to admit her mistakes and isn't afraid to answer the hard questions.

She can be seen regularly on the television program "This Week" along with Michael Portillo and Andrew Neil, on which she is a regular political commentator.

Even more appealing however, is the fact that she doesn't have a second home.

More information is available about her at:

We the undersigned, call on Diane Abbott to become Prime Minister ...

Or at least become leader of the Labour party at the earliest possible opportunity, or at the very least get a position with cabinet.

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