#Neighborhood Living
San Pedro Town Council

Parcel numbers 3343 and 3344 need immediate attention. These lots have NOT been cleaned up in years. They are both now a health and safety risk for all of us who live here day to day.

The lots need to be chopped, filled, and have all debris removed. They hold water which causes mosquito infestation and makes for a very attractive place for crocodiles to live. Recently we have had a burglary due to easy access through the overgrown vegetation next to the home.

These lots are an eyesore and bring down the value of our properties. Many of us have reported this situation to both the San Pedro Town Council and the D.F.C. office. We have also sent several emails directly to the property owners.

Nothing positive has happened and it is not right we cannot be outside our homes in the evening due to mosquito infestation.

We, the undersigned, call on the San Pedro Town Council to enforce the laws that require land owners to maintain their land.

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