#Devlopmental Disabilty Rights
Developmental Disabilities Administration
United States of America

Individuals with Developmental Disabilities are having Adult Day Program hours and services cut and sometimes eliminated when they are funded through the Medical Assistance program in Maryland. Individuals, caregiver's and care providers and teams that support them have requested that their Adult Day Program funding be switched to DDA funding.

Individuals who have their services cut are experiencing differences in services from those funded through the developmental disabilities administration. Elimination of tracking, reviewing and reporting of social/learning goals, community activities and a drastic cut in the amount of hours that they will be served are some of the services being affected.

This is placing an insurmountable burden on caregiver’s and family members and the individuals with developmental disabilities that are in need of these services.

We, the undersigned, call on the Developmental Disabilities Administration in Maryland to accept the funding change request of switching developmentally disabled individuals who are funded through Medical Assistance to DDA funding in a quick and timely fashion.

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