Fraser Coast Regional Council

The Pialba skate bowl in Hervey Bay, Queensland has the potential to be a popular skate park for skateboard, BMX and scooter riders if developed. At present the park is under utilised as it requires upgrades (re-surfacing, new coping) and consists of a single skate bowl.

If the bowl is upgraded and a plaza park built around it (ledges, stair sets, rails, abstract skateable ojects etc) it would provide a second venue for the youth of Hervey Bay to skate/ride as the current skate park on Torquay Road is at capacity.

The upgrade of the Pialba skate bowl would not only relieve some pressure on the Torquay Road skate park, it would also take advantage of the surrounding parks, water park, BBQ's etc and provide an excellent venue for the youth of Hervey Bay.

We the undersigned call upon the Fraser Coast Regional Council to develop the skate bowl near the Pialba Seafront Oval into a plaza skate park (inc. obstacles like stair sets, ledges, rails, abstract skateable objects etc).

The existing skate park on Torquay Road is possibly the most utilised public space in the region and is at capacity.

We believe the Council should engage with potential users to design a plaza skate park with following in mind.

• The need to refurbish the existing skate bowl (resurface and new coping)
• Expand the park so that scooters, bikes and skateboards can use it to it’s full potential, relieving some of the pressure from the existing park.
• Take advantage of the surrounding amenities eg. Water Park, sea front oval, new car park/park/bbqs etc.
• The Hervey Bay bowl is away from houses and shops so noise isn’t an issue
• Potential to draw people from all over Australia
• Ability to do skate demos when functions are on at the sea front oval
• Keep kids active and out of trouble.

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