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The survey conducted by Major League Baseball in 2003 was to see how widespread the use of preforming enhancing drugs was in the game.

All the players who agreed to the partake in the tests were told that the results were going to completely anonymous. In addition the tests were supposed to be used to aide in making the use of these substances illegal.

No such laws about this subject were implemented in baseball at the time of this survey. In essence MLB turned their heads for years regarding the issue and something had to be done immediately in the future.

No one is disagreeing on that fact but to lie to players to have their names released or leaked to the media years later is unjust and completely unfair. The 104 players on this list should remain anonymous as promised as the conductors of the survey are ruining the sport of baseball as a whole which is undeserved.

The message is that people lie to each other to make a buck on the mistakes others have made which is so disgraceful and that is cheating in the worst form.

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter to beg and plead with President Obama, Congress and the Courts to put a stop to publicizing the Major League Baseball's 2003 survey testing for performance-enhancing drug.

The participating players were told that all tests results would remain be completely anonymous. This fact remains to be untrue.

My initial reaction was to why the 104 names were written down in the first place. If a test is for surveying purposes shouldn't it be used only as an aide in evaluating the bigger picture?

Who is responsible for lying to the participants?

These players would not have been willing to take a test with published results and it comes across as not having the best interests of the game of baseball at heart.

I do not by any means think performance enhancing drug use in Major League Baseball should be legal or accepted, presently or in the future but that is not the issue at hand.

These players were cheated by whomever is held accountable, Senator Mitchel and his steroid report at the reins of this deceit.

The situation is unethical, unjust and disgraceful! For a fact everyone in Major League Baseball overlooked, even turned their heads regarding this problem in the sport. That was still the case back in 2003 so the conclusions should be irrelevant today.

The fact is these players were mislead and now are getting their lives ruined by money hungry reporters (if you can call them that) who want to make a buck.

The sources who have access to this list and survey's providers who lied about the results being anonymous are the real cheaters here! They cheated the players, the fans and the historical game of baseball which I hold so close to my heart.

The way this whole situation has played out has made it a Hollywood-like scandal and it is turning into a more appealing reason for using performance enhancing drugs, than not.

The respect to all involved should be honored by what the outlines of the survey stated. The dignity of baseball doesn't deserve to take the hit it is already encountering. A person should keep their word by respecting what was promised to them in any situation. One of this magnitude makes it absolutely essential!

I hope that the Government takes action immediately and stops this list of 104 MLB players from going public, ever.

Please, as a fan of the game I am asking President Obama, Congress and the Highest Courts to abolish this list and start a fresh one today in which goes in conjuncture with the new rules on performance enhancing drugs.

Thank you for your time.

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