cryptic stuidos inc.
United States of America

Rule 3

We the undersigned, wish to make it known to you (Cryptic studios inc.) that we are quite upset and disappointed that your contest “Design the next Enterprise” has been restricted to the peoples of certain regions of the United States of America and respectfully request that you reconsider the restrictions, we, the undersigned believe the restrictions to be unfair to those who can not enter.

While we all understand that you can not make give prizes of various forms for example: monies, laptop computer and so on because of international law we fell that there are prizes that can be won that do not violate international law, again for example if the prize’s was a set amount of monies an alternative could be to credit the game account of the winner(s) with the equivalent amount of bought C-Store credit or lf the a laptop computer is a winning prize the value of the laptop computer in bought C-Store credit and the grand prize need not change since it does not violate international law

We respectfully request that you consider our request and our words,

Thank you,
The undersigned.

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