Maricopa County Supervisors Districts 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5
United States of America

THE APPLICATION HAS BEEN CONTINUED UNTIL FEB. 6, 2008 at the County Supervisors Formal Meeting held on January 16, 2008.

County Supervisors are to meet with Flood, Drainage and Environmental to study IF the Equestrian Facility could be Pivited to the North, with the Short Side of the Facility Facing Desert Hills Drive. Re-Locating the Facility, Skunk Creek Wash, Drainage, Water Retention, Flood Control, 404 Wash Rules and the Amount of Animal Waste the Facility will produce are the Concerns.

Desert Hills Community Residents Petition to Stop the DUST and PARTICULATE POLLUTION that would Added to the AIR in the Desert Hills Community by the 100 Stables and Arenas.

All of the Community of Desert Hills is located inside the boundaries established by the US Federal EPA Air Quality and the Maricopa Association of Governments, MAG PM-10 boundaries. The North Horizontal Boundary Line established by the Maricopa Association of Governments for Non-Compliance is six (6) miles North of Carefree Highway.

Support Your Neighbors and Stop a long term increase in Dust and PM-10 to the our local Desert Hills Air by opposing the Application to construct a known "dust generating" operation. The proposed Private Facility would include, two barns just less then 29,000 square feet, one hundred (100) 12' X 12' horse stables, four (4) large arenas and animal exercising pens. The Private Desert Hills Equestrian Estates Facility is proposed to be built on a total of 7.4 to 8.4 acres of land located approximately 500 feet west of the North West Corner of Desert Hills Drive and 7th Avenue, the last piece of Anthem land. The Private Facility would generate More Dust then normal with No turn out pasture land or grazing land available to exercise the horses. There is No conservation land that would be dedicated.

The petition OPPOSES the Dust and Particulate Matter that would be created by excercising each of the one hundred (100) horses every day for 1-2 hours in the animal pens and Hot Walkers. The dust created by the commercial haul trucks picking up and delivering full and empty manure containers six times per week. In addition to the dust and debris created from commercial haul trucks unloading bulk materials and the handling, stacking and storage of bulk materials.

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Thank You For Supporting Your Neighbors and the Air Quality in Your Desert Hills Community. "Air is More Important"

Petition Date: December 19, 2007

Desert Hills Equestrian Estates
Cases: Z2006107, S2006057
District 3
Applicant: Sonora West Development, Inc.
Owner: Cardora Desert Hills, LLC
President & Member: Scott Pfeiffer

Hearing Continued Until: Feb. 6, 2008 at 9:00am

Hearing Location: Board of Supervisors Auditorium
205 West Jefferson
Phoenix, AZ


We the Undersigned Residents of Desert Hills understand the Proposed Equestrian Facility will Not be Re-Located and Therefore:

We the Undersigned Residents of Desert Hills, OPPOSE the R-43 RUPD Re-Zoning Application which would include a Private Equestrian Facility & Lighted Arenas as referenced above.

We Oppose the Equestrian Facility and Stables due to the Overall Pollution the Facility would Create, including but not limited to the High Nitrate Animal Waste Site the Facility would generate from concentrating one hundred (100) or more horses.

We OPPOSE the Proposed "Dust Producing" Equestrian Facility due to the Dust and Particulate Matter the Equestrian Facility would generate and add to the atmosphere. Especially since, The Community of Desert Hills, is located inside the Boundries of Non-Attainment, the MAG PM-10 Area, as established by the Maricopa Association of Governoments.

We OPPOSE the Equestrian Facility due to the added Dust Pollution and Fly Off Debris that Haul Trucks would generate and the Dust and Particulate Matter that would be Produced when Loading, Unloading, Stacking, and Handling Bulk Materials including the Storage of Feed and Grain. In addition the Dust and Particulate Matter added to the Air from on site handling of Bulk Materials.

We OPPOSE the Equestrian Facility due to the size of the Two, Thirty (30) Foot High Visability Barns, just less then 29,000 square foot. The Ten (10) 2,000 Watt Arena Lights each Twenty Five (25) to Twenty Eight (28) Feet in height. WE OPPOSE the Trailor Parking and Storage Spaces, Above-Ground Feed Storage Lockers, Manure Depots/Storage, Accessory Dwelling Units, ADU's, Due to They are Not Compatible and Harmonious with the Neighboring Desert Hills R-43 Residential Community. The Facility and Concept are not supportive of the equestrian lifestyle nor would the Private Facilities enhance the view and feel of the rural character of the surrounding Desert Hills Community.

The Residents within 600 feet OPPOSE the above referenced Application because the Facility would be Detrimental to and would have an Adverse Effect on the Marketability of the constructed or to be constructed surrounding Desert Hills Custom Homes and Lots. The Large Equestrian Facility and Arenas have a Negative Impact on the surrounding Desert Hills Residents Home Values and Real Estate Equity.

WE OPPOSE due to the Re Zoning and Equestrian Facility and Arenas would also create Manure Dust, Hay Dust, Shavings Dust and Hays Mold. The Facility would create Light at Night, Noise, Odors, Insects, Flies, Mosqutoes, Rodents, Rodent Droppings and Snakes. The Facility would Use Carcinogen Pesticides that create other Environmental Hazards and Adversely effect surrounding Residences and the Occupants thereof.

WE OPPOSE the Equestrian Facility because the Facility would increase local Commercial Truck Traffic due to the required Deliveries and Haul Trucks Loading and Unloading, Ten (10) Deliveries Per Week. Including the Loading and Unloading of Manure Containers, Bulk Materials, Feed, Grain, Arena Footings, Shavings, Sawdust, Straw and Trailers. Increased Local Traffic from the increased public use of the Regional Trailhead Facility. All Activities that cause Dust, Particulate Matter Pollution, Inconvenience, Disturbance, Noise and Traffic Congestion. Haul Truck and Other Traffic that Increase the Risks of Personal Injury to the Desert Hills Residents and their Families and/or Property Damage.

WE OPPOSE The Facility because it will Obstruct the established Scenic Views, Mountain Views as well as Spoil the Night Astronomic Views, with its Lighted Arenas, excessive Noise, Glare, Dust and Disturbances that Adversely Effect the surrounding Community Residents' Quality of Life and each Individual Right to Peace and Quite and Residential Pride and Enjoyment.


In the event the Application is approved including the Equestrian Facility.

We Request:

1. The Planning and Zoning Report states the construction "time frame" of the Community Equestrian Facility will be as the Community Developes in Two Phases. This allows for construction activities of the Equestrian Facility to continue for an undefined time frame. Causing Dust, Disturbance, Noise and Traffic from Bulk Material Deliveries to the surrounding Desert Hills Community and Residents past the completion date of the 56 homes. Since Reversion of the Equestrian Facility is to the Developer and for the reasons stated above, we Request that the Equestrian Facility be built in One Phase and not be able to continue for an undifined tme frame. We request the Equestrian Facility be built during the Lot Improvement Phase and be Completed Before any Certificate of Occupancy can be issued. This Assures Residents that construction of the facility will not Drag On in the future and the Facility Will Get Completed.

2. We request Equestrian Facility is required and subject to inspection by the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality at least once per year and pay any expenses if required.

3. The Applicant provide further written explanation and construction details on surface or waste impoundments to be constructed. Construction detail on the Manure Depots to Prevent Seepage and Spillage. What built in Dust Suppression Systems are to be installed. What Arena Footings and Stable Flooring will be used. What built in Insect Control Systems are to be installed. Use Impervious Building Materials to Prevent Disease and Promote Stable Sanitation, Provide a Manure Management Plan. Provide an On Site Dust Plan and Dust Control Program.

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