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Valerie Watts - Chief Executve Derry City Council
Northern Ireland


Since last summer residents in Galliagh have been fighting an ongoing battle with Derry City Council and a number of self appointed community groups. The City Council along with these groups want to build a floodlit pitch directly infront of peoples homes. The City Council had plans drawn up, requested transfer of the land from the Housing Executive and submitted a planning application, this was all before residents were consulted.

After residents addressed a City Council meeting in September 2009, Council agreed to defer planning until a meeting of all interested parties took place. This never happened, meetings took place behind closed doors that excluded residents. A subsequent excuse for a survey was presented to council by the Outer North Neighbourhood Partnership, one of the so called community groups. Council sadly accepted this without question. Residents have been given no input into what Council want to put on their doorstep.

Derry City Council as the planning applicant and promoter of this development are the only group who can amend the plans to reach a compromise with residents. Residents in Galliagh are fully supportive of genuine community development but it must be inclusive and not tokenistic. We believe if Derry City Council feels it can act with impunity then other communities may face the same battle we have. As such we would call for your support.

This is not directed at any particular political party but at Derry City Council.

Valerie Watts
Derry City Council
98 Strand Road
BT48 7NN

Dear Ms. Watts,

I would like to state my objection as to how Derry City Council treated the residents of Galliagh who will be directly affected by the proposed development on the Heather Road.

Derry City Council as planning applicant and promoter of this development can amend the plans for this development to reach a suitable compromise with local residents.

It's not too late for Derry City Council to do the right thing.

Thank you.

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