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India is the second most populated nation on Earth. We have such a significant number of individuals that it is putting an incredible strain on our nation's assets. It is simple for arm-chair specialists in Europe and the United States and the individuals who serenade the Internationale at the slightest pretext to denounce us for it yet when you see the ground reality, you will acknowledge that it is so hard to assimilate such huge numbers of individuals of a foreign ethnic group into your nation. We can't yet take care of the citizens of our own country and we are expected to welcome them. We have acute poverty, food, and water shortages, and increased threats of terrorism thus resulting to numerous issues. Our foundation is frail and we can't simply oblige these numerous displaced people. Additionally, you should have some reason in this nation in case you will live here. You can't simply immerse in a country and consider settling there. No normal nation that qualities her sovereignty will ever engage that thought.

We have Afghan refugees in India. They're right in the core of Delhi where they have set up themselves to be commendable immigrants who can encourage this nation and furthermore take great recollections back to their nation. Majority of them are Muslims. So don't state that India isn't letting Rohingyas stay because we loathe Muslims. We have Sri-Lankan Tamil Refugees who came to Tamil Nadu amid the SL Civil War. They have additionally demonstrated their mettle during their stay in India and now, as their country is grasping a time of security following 4 decades of slaughter, and they're gradually being repatriated. So don't even think that India doesn't entertain refugees.

The fact is, we don't need to tune in to the ethical worries of others. We've officially taken in a substantial number of displaced people; refugees and still more continue pouring in. We have to close the doors one time or the other. I even disagree with the Government's Operation Insaniyat to give huge amounts of help material to Rohingya exiles in Bangladesh. More than 16 lakh Indians are influenced by Assam Floods and urgently require a considerable measure of help bolster.

Our show of generosity can possibly boomerang and legitimize lakhs of Rohingya refugees inside the outskirt, just 40,000 of whom have been followed up until this point.

We, the undersigned, call on the Centre to deport the Rohingya Illegal immigrants to their respective country. India, itself is facing a lot of problems due to overpopulation. Overpopulation, I believe, is the root cause of every problem so helping the problem grow will be a caricature of hypocrisy on our part. We sympathize with the victims however we must first help ourselves before helping others. We understand that by this we might be called heartless but people need to understand that history provides enough evidence to prove the fact that we have given shelter to refugees as and when required but as the circumstances change we need to adapt to the change. Therefore, on the above-mentioned grounds, we firmly believe that they should be deported to their own country.

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