#Law & Order
Prime Minister of Australia, Scott Morrison

For years now, Australian mums have complained about foreign criminals clearing our shelves of baby formula to send back to mainland China.

These complaints went mostly ignored, until now.

From the moment Coronavirus hit our shores, healthcare workers in hospitals across the country report shortages of important Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

It turned out; these same gangs were buying our medical supplies in January and shipping them back to places like Wuhan in the height of the outbreak.

Like baby formula, Australian medical supplies are in huge demand due to our exceptionally high standard of quality control.

But China lied to us. The CCP knew how dangerous the virus really was, and instead of warning us to prepare, they cleared us out of essential products we would need to protect ourselves.

And when it finally hit us, they sold us FAULTY "made in China" protective equipment. The same masks, gloves and test kits they avoided using during the outbreak in Wuhan.

It should have never got to this. These foreign criminal gangs have been given a free pass to clear our shelves for far too long.

We are petitioning the government to put an end to this right now. These criminals are putting Australian lives at risk.

We demand any foreign nationals caught sending our essential supplies overseas be deported immediately.

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