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Britain's counter-terrorism strategy was thrown into turmoil when a judge ruled that two Pakistani students posed a serious threat to national security but could not be deported because of the risk they would be tortured or killed in their own country.

A special immigration court ruled that Abid Naseer was an al-Qaida operative who remained a serious threat, while his friend Ahmed Faraz Khan had been radicalised before coming to the UK and was willing to participate in terrorist activity.

Neither man was allowed to see the evidence upon which the court reached its decision, and nor was their solicitor. After they had been publicly identified as terrorism suspects, the court also ruled that it was not possible for them to be deported to Pakistan, where terrorism suspects face torture or death.

Mr Justice Mitting, chair of the Special Immigration Appeals Commission (Siac), said that in Pakistan "there is a long and well-documented history of disappearances, illegal detention and of the torture and ill-treatment of those detained, usually to produce information, a confession or compliance".

Mr Naseer, 23, was one of 10 Pakistani men arrested last April as part of a massive counter-terrorism operation in Liverpool and Manchester.

Where is the Justice in this? This man poses a serious threat to national security.

This Man should be deported back to Pakistan.

When we have a big list of names it will be sent to local courts and politicians to see if we can get a retrial of the deportation matter.

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