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New Orleans Board of Zoning Adjustment
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The Board of Zoning Adjustments has the power to permit variations from the zoning regulations in accordance with the principles, conditions, and procedures imposed by the zoning ordinances of the City of New Orleans.

After many years of work by city planners, thousands of public comments, at least three drafts, the City Council last year approved a massive overhaul of the law that has governed zoning in New Orleans for more than 40 years.

The CZO (Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance) was enacted to protect the character of our neighborhoods and promote long term, sustainable and common sense growth.

The owners of the property located at 821 Tchoupitoulas Street, in the heart of the Warehouse/Arts District wish to construct a large parking garage that, as currently designed, flaunts CZO laws, will be a blemish on the neighborhood, provide shelter in inclement weather for squatters, and make the driving situation on an already crowded thoroughfare even more dangerous.

We the undersigned residents, voters and interested stakeholders of the Warehouse/Arts District, implore the New Orleans Board of Zoning Adjustment members Candice Richards Forest, Michael K. Broussard, Jaime Ramiro Diaz, Alfonso Gonzalez II, Todd C. James, Mary Harper Malone, and Nikolaus Richard to deny zoning variances to any parking garage structure planned for construction at 821 Tchoupitoulas Street, New Orleans, Louisiana.

We strongly believe that the structure should NOT be allowed to rise above 5 floors, regardless of height of the floors.

We strongly believe that rules requiring the overall building height not exceed the height of the abutting building or extend beyond the line-of-sight. New Orleans Copper is only two stories tall.

We strongly believe that at least 25% of the ground floor MUST be for a 17.3B.1(a) required use as an art gallery, art studio, cultural facility, health club, personal service establishment, standard or specialty restaurant, or a retail goods establishment.

We strongly believe that parking access be denied on Tchoupitoulas Street, which is classified as a Multi-modal/Pedestrian Corridor for all the reasons envisioned when the classification was designed and enacted.

We strongly believe that the destruction and removal of the 4 mature trees located on the street side of the property would be inconsistent with GreenNOLA best practices. Save our trees!

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