City of Houston Planning Commission
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The City of Houston has existing ordinances to adequately plan for safe, effective urban communities.

Let's advocate for quality of life in East Montrose.

Dear City of Houston Planning Commission,

We the undersigned respectfully ask the City of Houston to deny:

1. Variance request 2012-1153 at 2004 Stanford St. to not require 5 feet of right of way widening on Stanford St.

2. Variance request 2012 -1152 at 720 Bomar St. to provide 5 feet instead of the required 12.5 feet right of way on Crocker St.

Our request is based on the following principles:

Building lines and the public right of way are integral to the protection of sight lines for pedestrians, the mobility impaired, cyclists, and motor vehicles. Granting these variances will be injurious to the public health, safety, and welfare. Both variance requests apply to properties that are on corner lots and thus impact visibility at intersections.

Both these locations have important connections to public community spaces. Stanford St. is the central route for the East Montrose neighborhood to a local public school, park, and polling site, Wharton K - 8 Dual Language Academy. 1720 Bomar is adjacent to Peggy Shiffick park, a City of Houston park. Granting these variances will adversely impact the connection, safety, visibility, and enjoyment of our local public spaces.

The right of way is public space that is accessible to the City of Houston and its residents. Granting these variances takes space from the public commons that will likely never be returned.

Furthermore, 720 Bomar has two protected corridor trees that are more than 20 inches in diameter and are in the 12.5 foot right of way on Crocker.

The City of Houston has existing ordinances to adequately plan for safe, effective urban communities. Granting these variances undermines existing ordinances at the expense of the residents of East Montrose.

Please enforce existing ordinances and deny these requests for variance.

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