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Solon Township Planning Commission and Township Board
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Residents and concerned citizens vehemently oppose the proposal to establish a commercial Medical Marijuana Manufacturing Facility on Lincoln Road in Solon Township. The land is currently zoned Agricultural Conservation but needs the approval of the Solon Township Planning Commission and the Solon Township Board to be properly zoned to allow cannabis production on this Lincoln Road site.

In an article published November 7, 2016, a realtor.com® data team analyzed residential real estate in the recreational marijuana states and found the following:

"Some marijuana businesses are bad for local property values. Colorado homes within a half-mile of a marijuana business often have lower property value than homes in the same county that are farther out. ...Neighborhoods with grow houses are the least desirable, with an 8.4% price discount. ...Perhaps that's partly due to the literally stinky business of growing cannabis—even with the use of air purification systems, the odor tends to permeate the immediate area, so many folks don't want to live near large grow sites."*
* http://www.realtor.com/news/trends/legalizing-marijuana-gets-housing-prices-high/

A November 25, 2014 article in MarketWatch.com cites that industrial property explosions [at marijuana processing facilities that use butane to manufacture hash oil--butane is also required to make meth] have increased dramatically in Colorado, Washington, and California.*
* www.marketwatch.com/story/5-ways-marijuana-legalization-affects-real-estate-2014-11-25

Lastly, despite medical marijuana usage laws being passed in several states, cannabis is still illegal federally.

For these reasons, we urge the Solon Township Planning Commission and the Solon Township Board to block the adoption of any proposed conditional special land use permit, zoning ordinance, or zoning amendment that allows for cannabis/medical marijuana production and processing in Solon Township.

Please help keep our rural neighborhoods and surrounding township stay pristine, pure and safe and our home property values from plummeting by signing this petition below.

This petition is to show the Township Board that residents living in the area near the proposed Commercial Marijuana Manufacturing Facility fail to see how this proposed use of a current agriculturally zoned parcel will benefit the neighborhood. We believe instead, the "spot rezoning" of this parcel will have a detrimental effect on neighbors quality of life, property values and public safety. The increased vehicular traffic from the proposed 25-30 employees of this facility, secured transport vehicles, waste water transport trucks and additional vehicles associated with this operation will negatively impact our area. The operation of the facility, which would involve vast amounts of exterior lighting, extravagant fencing, electronic security measures, constant noise and odors, along with a huge environmental impact, will have a negative effect on property values of adjacent and nearby properties.

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